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Can I use rewards on subscriptions?Updated a month ago

Yes. You can redeem your Bartesian Rewards to apply as savings towards your next subscription shipment following the steps listed below. 

1. To access the Bartesian Rewards page, click here.

2. Select your desired reward by clicking 'Redeem' next to the specific amount you'd like to use off your next subscription order.

*Note only one code can be used per order. 

3. Copy the code given.

4. To apply the code to your next subscription, go to the Subscriptions Tab and select 'Manage Existing Subscription' and 'Edit' on the subscription you want to update.

5. From the subscription management page, click 'Apply Discount' and paste the code directly into the discount code section.

After the code is successfully applied, your subscription will be updated to reflect this code and discount amount off your next subscription. 

Please note: Customers in the UK are not eligible for Bartesian Rewards at this time.

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