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Do the capsules expire?Updated 2 years ago

The dating on the packaging is a presentation guideline that is significantly different from an expiration or safety date. Regrettably, confusion between the two contributes to a significant amount of food waste in North America each year.

Bartesian proudly uses genuine juices, bitters, and extract concentrates and avoids the use of artificial colors, fructose, and corn syrups that would negatively impact the quality of our cocktails.
Since the genuine ingredients vary by cocktail the dates vary with each selection and can be between 2-8 months from the date of receipt.

 What happens after the date?

Beyond the date, there is a chance that over a period of time the presentation may begin to change (the color may slowly darken from the natural sugars, and could potentially taste sweeter) the safety of consuming the cocktail will not have changed.

Notes to extend the presentation date:

- The dates assume storage at room temperature. If stored in a fridge, you suspend them in their current state for an additional 2 months above the package dating.

- Capsules can safely be frozen and maintain their presentation for 12 months.

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