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Bartesian does not properly identify when capsule is insertedUpdated 2 years ago

Open the lid, use a soft dry cloth to wipe off the cocktail capsule lid and bar code reader on the underside of the lid to clear any potential water spots on the reader or capsule lid.

When making a cocktail ensure the following:

- If there is a noticeable wrinkle or crease in the lid's barcode, smooth it over with your thumb

- The capsule holder is secure in place

- The capsule is placed level and centered

- When closing the lid, push down firmly until fully closed/latched - there will be an audible click indicating the lid has been closed.

Care tip/prevention:

This is more likely to occur if a cocktail capsule is left in your Bartesian for an extended period after making a cocktail. For best performance remove used cocktail capsules shortly after it has been dispensed.

If your Bartesian is being used in a high volume environment with many cocktails in close succession, wipe the barcode reader after every 6-7 cocktails dispensed.

If the issue persists, please contact the Bartesian hardware care team for assistance.

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