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Bartesian Hardware

For any hardware related queries like care instructions, how-to’s, or malfunctions, your answer is likely here.

How to: Clean capsule holder/Capsule seal

Periodic cleaning maintenance will help your Bartesian operate optimally. If a scenario arises where the dispense of a cocktail results in an inconsistent stream, cleaning the capsule holder and capsule seal will likely resolve the issue. Tip: It is

How to: Run first use

Periodic cleaning maintenance will help your Bartesian operate optimally. 1. Fill Water Reservoir with water only. Do not fill with mixes, juices, club soda or other liquid. The cocktail machine may stop working and void warranty if other liquids are

Bartesian use and care guides

The Bartesian user guides in PDF form can be downloaded using the links below. Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker use and care guide. Bartesian Duet use and care guide. Bartesian Professional use and care guide

Bartesian does not properly identify when capsule is inserted

Open the lid, use a soft dry cloth to wipe off the cocktail capsule lid and bar code reader on the underside of the lid to clear any potential water spots on the reader or capsule lid. When making a cocktail ensure the following:. - If there is a not

How to: Switch spirits

Directions for switching spirits can also be found in the Bartesian user guides.

Cocktail not dispensing correctly

1. As a best practice, it's best to keep your capsule holder clean. It's easy to remove and can be cleaned either in a dishwasher or using hot water. Replace the capsule holder securely into place. 2. Bartesian uses genuine juices, bitters, and extra

Extended Protection Plan

This page is regarding the Extended Protection Plan. For information regarding the Warranty coverage for the Bartesian, please view this FAQ page. This warranty applies to products purchased and used in the U.S. and Canada. This is the only express w

Comparison of Bartesian models