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Cocktail not dispensing correctlyUpdated 2 years ago

If when making a cocktail you find that it's spraying or otherwise not dispensing as intended:

1. As a best practice, it's best to keep your capsule holder clean. It's easy to remove and can be cleaned either in a dishwasher or using hot water. Replace the capsule holder securely into place.

2. Bartesian uses genuine juices, bitters, and extracts. As a result, some of the heavier ingredients may settle toward the bottom of the capsule where the puncture occurs/dispenses. Prior to setting the capsule in place shake it for 2-3 seconds

3. When setting your capsule, ensure it is level and centered (not at an angle or skewed). Close the lid firmly until it clicks closed to ensure a proper puncture/seal

4. Wait until the Bartesian touchscreen has indicated the cocktail is ready prior to opening the lid.

If the issue persists, please contact our Hardware Support Team

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