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How to: Run first useUpdated a year ago

Periodic cleaning maintenance will help your Bartesian operate optimally.

1. Fill Water Reservoir with water only. Do not fill with mixes, juices, club soda or other liquid. The cocktail machine may stop working and void warranty if other liquids are used.

NOTE: Because water quality varies, use bottled or filtered water for the best tasting premium cocktails. 

2. Place Water Reservoir in Base.


3. Fill each Spirit Bottle with spirits as indicated on Dispenser Lids. Screw Lids securely in place.

3a. For Duet machines: fill the Spirit Bottle with the desired spirit, then adjust the indicator band on the bottle to indicate which spirit is inside.

4. Tip Spirit Bottles upside down and insert into Spirit Bottle Holders on Base. Spirit Bottles will snap into place. To remove, slightly tip Spirit Bottle and slowly pull up. NOTE: Gin and rum share the same Holder on the Premium and Professional Models. The Cocktail Machine will prompt you to switch bottles if necessary for your cocktail. It is very important to put the Spirit Bottles in the correct Spirit Bottle Holder. If in the wrong position, the finished cocktail will be incorrectly mixed 

4a. For Duet machines: insert the Spirit Bottles into each port, and follow the "Initial Set-Up" instructions listed on page 7 of the user guide.

5. Insert Removable Power Cord end into Power Cord Port in back of Base.

6. Plug into outlet. Touch the Control Panel to wake up the Cocktail Machine. 

7. Touch Settings Menu on Control Panel. 

8. Place an 8-ounce (237 ml) container under Dispenser. 

9. Select "First Use" and follow prompts to prime water line. It is normal for it to dispense a small amount

NOTE: All Spirit Bottles do not need to be filled and installed for Cocktail Machine to operate, only Spirit Bottle(s) listed on label of Cocktail Capsule in use 

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