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Get to know the Bartesian cocktail maker. Everything about how the Bartesian works is here.


About Bartesian

Bartesian is an innovative, effortless way to enjoy and serve premium cocktails on-demand at the press of a button. Bartesian was made to not only be perfect at home but for Food Service/Hospitality applications as well. You’ll stock your Bartesian w

What comes in the box?

What comes in the box?- 1x Bartesian premium cocktail maker- 5x 26oz capacity Glass spiritbottles with labeled lids (Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Tequila)- 1x Removable power cord- 1x Removable Bartesian bar mat- Cocktail capsules are sold separately

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, orders placed on are exclusively shipped within North America (excluding Quebec). Stay tuned to our Newsletter for updates and developments on International availability.

Is there alcohol in the capsules?

Bartesian capsules do not contain alcohol. This gives you the freedom not only to use the spirits of your own choosing but Bartesian also allows you to customize your cocktail from mocktail to strong. Our cocktail capsules contain everything needed b

What size cocktail does Bartesian make?

Our cocktails are crafted to replicate the cocktail lounge experience. Each cocktail's yield is designed to meet the standards of authentic recipes that make use of genuine ingredients.The amount of spirit(s) drawn can be adjusted for each cocktail s

Does Bartesian chill cocktails?

Bartesian is all about an authentic cocktail lounge experience where cocktails are either served on ice, or shaken/strained over ice. We account for the dilution introduced by using ice in the development of our cocktails. Not using ice will likely r

What are the dimensions of the Bartesian cocktail maker?

At just 12.5 inches high, Bartesian is a perfect fit for your kitchen or bar countertop.

Do the capsules expire?

The dating on the packaging is a presentation guideline that is significantly different from an expiration or safety date. Regrettably, confusion between the two contributes to a significant amount of food waste in North America each year. Bartesian

Contact Bartesian

For Bartesian appliance hardware/operational inquiries, our hardware care team is available via [email protected] For all general/sales, and order inquiries, our sales team is available to assist via [email protected] Phone:. Hardware/applian